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Five easy ideas for how to decorate Thanksgiving table

You’ve spent weeks planning the menu, fought the other Thanksgiving cooks crowding the grocery stores, created a timeline to perfectly serve your dishes warm… but you forgot about the decorations.

Before you panic, we’ve got you covered!

Consider us your personal Pinterest, and check out these five easy ways you can make your table and home festive for the holiday.

Decorative candle votives

Take some extra clear candle votives or similar household objects and fill them with something unique.

Good Housekeeping suggests filling the votive with unshelled walnuts, chestnuts or almonds and topping it off with a tea candle. Or borrow a few cranberries from your cranberry sauce recipe and fill the votives with them like Lady’s Little Loves did. Have a few extra minutes to spare? Tie a ribbon around the votive!
Green table runner

Have a green thumb and some extra greenery peeking out from your yard? Clip some of those sprigs to lay across your table on a table runner. No table runner? Cheese cloth will work for a rustic look quick fix.

Burlap & Denim bundled four six-inch pieces of Euonymus from their yard with some gauge floral wire from a craft store and laid them across the table.
Fragrant fruit

Take some oranges from your fruit stash at home and use some of the cloves you may be seasoning the holiday turkey with to make a festive looking and smelling decoration.

Tie a ribbon around them like Homemade Gifts Made Easy did and display them in a bowl in the middle of your table.

Bonus: If someone burns the turkey, this could help alleviate the smell.

Festive vase fillers

Fill mason jars or clear vases with fillers like dried leaves or mini pinecones. We like how Gloribell from the blog I Don’t Know How She Does It surrounded her mason jars with a few extra leaves and pinecones.

Tie some ribbon around the jars or add branches if you’re feeling extra crafty (or just want a quiet moment away from family).

Paint it gold!

Is there anything a little gold spraypaint can’t make look festive? Head to your nearest craft store to pick up some fall-themed items – pumpkins come to mind – to cover with gold spray paint. (Just make sure to do this outside or in a crafty indoor space; no one wants to eat a gold turkey.) Lay your gold décor along a table runner or maybe in a clear vase like Simply Designing did.


Not feeling crafty? Who says the food can’t serve a dual purpose as decorations?


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Hygge: Unfussy and uncluttered design for your space

Pinterest identified Hygge as one of the rising trends in 2017. So what exactly is Hygge other than a word that’s tricky to pronounce? (It’s pronounced HUE-gah, by the way.)

The Danish word doesn’t have an exact translation, but it’s used to convey a feeling of coziness and peacefulness. We have some tips on how to achieve the effortless design in your home.


What’s more relaxing than the beach? Imagine the ocean view and bring those colors into your home. Warm, Nordic blues with hints of light greys and taupe will inspire calm and create an oasis to escape a stressful world.

We not only love this color palate on textiles and paint, but try a seaglass inspired backsplash or inky swirled coloring on dishes.


Pairing ocean-inspired colors with subtle nautical prints only seems fitting. While you might not live beachside, coastal patterns and stripes imply a sense of relaxation as if you were there.

Delicate botanicals in those same relaxing hues also add a pop of pattern to your Hygge inspired room. Think small airy blooms and scrolling vines.


How many hours do we spend looking at a computer screen or typing on our phones? Trade tech for textures: Add finishes and textiles in your home that are calming to look at or are soothing to touch.

Satin copper, gentle burnished steel, soft oxidization – add pops of soft worn metals around your room. Rustic woods like a toasted oak or subtle white wash are stylish yet sensory surfaces that will lighten up your space.

Hunter features fans with rustic blade finishes like our Donegan collection or our Apache Wi-Fi and Apple HomeKit enabled fan.

The ultimate definition of cozy includes soft knits and even velvet (yes, velvet – we hear it’s making a comeback). Utilitarian fabrics, while they don’t always come off as cozy as knits, can convey an unfussy and uncluttered feel with clean lines for an airy industrial look.

Woven tiling and loose weaves in blankets resemble netting and can be a unique yet casual texture to apply in your space.

Design Inspiration · Huntervention

Huntervention™: Let’s master the master bedroom.

We’re excited to kick off Huntervention™, a new series all about the small things that you can do to your room to make a big difference.

Most of us have that one space in our home that needs a little more love. The trick is to liven it up without spending a lot of time or money. That’s where a Huntervention™ comes in.

Our first challenge was to help transform a master bedroom. As soon as we entered the room, our team immediately saw the potential with its abundant natural lighting, smooth tray ceiling and blank walls. Plus, we were thrilled to team up with Ashley Toney – interior designer and owner of First Fruit Collection, a home furnishings and accessories boutique in the Memphis area.

We were looking to give this master bedroom a calm, relaxing feel. And we did it with just a few quick and easy steps that could help inspire your own Huntervention™:

1. Paint perfection.

Choose a color with a calm, earthy effect. We went with Sherwin Williams’ “Comfort Grey”, which immediately opened up the room.


2. Fan up.

Help your room come alive in both form and function. We chose Hunter’s 1886, a two-bladed fan with an intricately-designed motor house and romantic detail. Then we applied the “Comfort Grey” paint to the center of the tray ceiling with white trim around the edges. By giving careful thought to the ceiling, we helped the entire room to feel warm and cozy.


3. Start with a clean slate

Consider white bedding so you have the flexibility to change up pillows with different accent colors.


4. Hang it high.

Installing curtains high helps open up your room by giving it a taller ceiling effect.


5. Let it shine.

Add some pop with a few shiny metallic accents.



See the full Huntervention™ from beginning to end, and then start your own!

Product Details:

Fan: Hunter 1886

Paint: Sherwin Williams

Quilt: Target

Euros & Throw Pillows: Home Goods

Throw Blanket: Target

Sherrill French Painting: First Fruit Collection

Lamps, Candle, Vintage Books & Trinket Box: First Fruit Collection

Design Inspiration

What’s trending for 2015?

We caught up with the members of our industrial design team here at Hunter—Claire, Christine and Christophe—and asked them to share their thoughts on 2015’s interior design trends.

How would you sum up design trends for 2015?

Claire: I’d say things are trending toward the traditional. Home décor went very casual for a while, but we see tradition coming back—what I mean by that is, there’s a formality happening in design.

Christine: At the same time, a traditional style isn’t what it used to be. It’s evolved.

So what does “traditional” look like now?

Christophe: It’s been streamlined—modernized. You’ll see old pieces of furniture, for example, that have been stripped down to the bare wood and refinished.

Christine: Yeah, and if the natural wood is beautiful, you’ll see it without any stain at all. Otherwise you might see a wash on it. We’re definitely in a period of authenticity in interior design and home décor.

What do you mean by “authenticity”?

Christophe: As in, copper is copper, bronze is bronze, wood is wood. People are seeking out what you might think of as “noble” materials—the pure, almost raw material itself. So there’s a return to the traditional and formal, but there’s a new simplicity to it.

Can you tell us more about what to expect for woods and metals?

Claire: For wood furniture in general, medium-brown finishes will dominate in 2015. With kitchen cabinets in particular, we’ll continue to see a gray stain or wash.

Christine: I think matte metal finishes will still be big this year, but the look will be dry and kind of complex—so there might be some texture to it.

How about colors and fabrics? What’s going to be hot?

Claire: Gold is certainly coming back—we’ll see it pick up this year and become even more prominent in 2016. This makes sense in terms of the return to a traditional, more formal style.

Christophe: Velvet will be one of the top fabrics of 2015. Velvet has made an appearance in the fashion industry for some time now, and fashion trends lead the way—eventually you’ll find those trends reflected in home décor.

Last question—what’s inspiring you lately?

Christophe: There’s not just one thing that’s inspiring; life is inspiring and forever evolving.

Design Inspiration · Huntervention

Virginia Beach living room gets rustic coastal Huntervention

patrick-oconnell-hunter-blogMichele Olive and her family have been living in their Norfolk, Virginia, home for five years, and just haven’t gotten around to fixing up the living room.

Between balancing her job as a clinical psychologist for a non-profit helping displaced veterans and being a mother to three sons (plus two yellow labs), you can see how she might not have the time to redecorate.

We heard the call and headed to Virginia Beach to help Michele redesign her living room as a part of our first Huntervention™ of 2017. Michele gives so much of her time giving back to veterans, we wanted to help her and her family.

Enter to for a chance to win your own Huntervention™


I knew she needed this space to be good for entertaining but also good for living in.

To brighten up the space, we put a lighter color on the walls and painted the fireplace white. If you have older looking brick or brick that’s stained with smoke, a coat of white paint will not only make the fireplace look a little more modern and cleaner but the whole room will look a little brighter and a little bigger.

All of the wood surfaces we made sure were a rustic finish not only for aesthetic reasons but also so they could take a hit from Michele’s energetic kids. We also made sure to get washable slipcovers.

We chose the Hepburn ceiling fan in matte black to complete the rustic coastal look of this living room. It has some traditional elements like the round globe glass but it’s unmistakably a current modern updated version of traditional.

Shop the Hepburn ceiling fan, available in matte black or white with modern brass



It was great to see Michele and her family’s reactions when we revealed their newly redesigned living room. It was so gratifying to see her face light up when she came into the room.

A home is such a personal thing and we wanted Michele to love the room as much as we did. When the whole family curled up on the couch together with smiles on their faces, we knew we had nailed it.

Patrick O’Connell is the Design Director for Hunter Fan Company.